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201 Magnetic Door Position Switch

The 201 Magnetic Door Position Switch is a mortised concealed monitoring device which indicates door position on a swing door. Designed for minimum to medium applications, the 201 fits a standard 2" frame.
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⊡ Swing Door

⊡ Concealed

⊡ Minimum / Medium Security

Standard Features

⊡ Non Handed Device

⊡ Adjusts to Any Size Door

⊡ Exceeds 180 Degree Rotation

⊡ Corrosive Resistant Parts

⊡ Torx Security Mounting Screws

⊡ Easy Field Plug Connection

⊡ US 32D Face Plate


The 201 is concealed into the header of a hollow metal frame. When the door is closed, the switch is activated and provides accurate indication of the door position. When wired with a high security locking device, the combination of deadlocking indication from the lock and door position indication from the 201 provides a secure monitoring of the deadlocked/closed position of the door.

Slamming the door has no effect on the switch’s accuracy. The door may also exceed 180 degrees without impeding the switch accuracy.

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