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3000 Universal Touch Screen

The 3000 Series is a desktop universal control system for controlling and monitoring electrical detention products, such as locks, sliding devices and door position indicators. Units are available in 1-10 or 11-20 control positions.
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⊡ Programmable Console

⊡ Universal Style

⊡ Minimum / Medium / Maximum Security

Standard Features

⊡ Sloped Desktop Design

⊡ CPU Based Control

⊡ Industrial Grade Touch Screen

⊡ Programmable Function Variety

⊡ Multiplex Compatible

⊡ I/O or Hard Wire Compatible

⊡ Numerous Switch Functions

⊡ Multiple Door Control

⊡ Dual Indication

⊡ Programmable Features


Switches are arranged on the control panel to accommodate the specific need of each electrical hardware product. Depending on the hardware requirement, a single, dual or triple arrangement of switches may be programmed to accomplish a particular function.

Dual Indication provides the highest degree of security in monitoring by indicating the locked closed condition of the hardware, as well as the open unsecure condition.

These control systems are designed to provide the the highest quality of control and monitoring for each specific customers requirements.

Standard Functions

Password Entry - A password is required to turn the control on. The password can be changed at any time.

Variable Button Control - Depending on the lock or device, the control provides a suitable button arrangement.

Red & Green Indicators - The red indicator shows an open or unlocked condition, while the green indicator shows a closed or locked condition.

Personalized Tags - Tags can be labeled to suit the facility’s needs. The tags may also be changed at any time.

Interlocking - Interlocking of up to four doors (multiples of over four are optional).

Screen Lock-Down - A single or two-button arrangement may be chosen to lock the controls out instantly in case of an emergency. The password would then need to be re-entered to turn the control back on.

Gang Release Control - A button may be utilized to provide immediate emergency release of any number of doors on the control.

Timed Unlock - A time delay in unlocking the lock may be used at any given door for a pre- determined time.

Audible Alarm - An audible alarm may be used as notification of an unlocked door, line monitoring or a special condition.

Screen Clock - Current time may be shown on screen.

Screen Calendar - A monthly calendar window is available.

Optional Functions

Multiple Interlocking - Any and all doors on the panel may be interlocked in any arrangement. Changes may be made at any time.

Interlock Override - A two-button override may be utilized to override programmed interlocks.

Selective All Door - Several doors may be unlocked as a group, while others are individually locked out of the group mode.

Field Wire Monitoring - Field wiring in a multiplex platform may be monitored for broken or cut wires.

⊡ All reprogramming is accomplished by a removable programmable chip. A reprogrammed chip will be sent to the customer for exchange from the factory. Programming changes after manufacture will be charged at a standard rate.

⊡ Hand-held programmers are also available for sale.


The 3000 Control System consists of a main desktop control, which can be located in a convenient area without requiring excessive space for multiple field connections. The desktop is linked by a communication cable to a remote connection box for field wiring hook-up.

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