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3500 Custom Control Systems

The 3500 Series is a custom control system suited to the needs of the customer. Controls are available in a variety of formats, such as PLC, multiplex, touch screen or hard wire.
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⊡ Custom Style

⊡ Medium / Maximum Security

Control & Monitoring

Systems are available as full packages.

This may include full system control, system data and monitoring, multple video cam surveillance, and intercom systems.

They may also be designed for specific needs, such as additions to existing buildings, replacement of existing equipment, or adding to a present system.

Available Features

⊡ Custom Cabinetry

⊡ Video Cam Systems

⊡ Intercom Systems

⊡ Choice of Control Styles

⊡ Choice of Indicators

⊡ All Door or Selective Release

⊡ Emergency Release

⊡ Multiple Interlocking

⊡ Interlock Override

⊡ Audio Warnings & Alarms

⊡ System Monitoring

Custom Control - System Features

Project Drawings are designed per customer’s specifications. These drawings are produced per job and provide vital information for the manufacture, assembly, installation and operation of a complete control system. Drawings may reflect security conditions, door locations, wire runs, control panel layouts, enclosure size and design, as well as point to point wiring connections for every component. All drawings are then submitted for approval prior to manufacture and assembly. Catalog sheets of electrical components may also be submitted for review at the customers request.

Control Consoles are constructed from materials, such as, stainless steel, aluminum or painted steel. These products are manufactured to distinct specifications or to the customers requirements and may hold all or a portion of the necessary internal components for operation.

Graphic Control Panels are normally constructed of steel or aluminum and are screened to a Lexan overlay, which reveal floor plans or floor sections with related switching, monitoring, alarms, interlock configurations, all door release and various other requirements.

Component Housings are constructed in materials similar to control consoles and provide room for a variety of components required for electrical operation. These cabinets provide access for conduit and field wiring. They may also house components for PLC, multiplex, touch screen or harwire control.

External and Internal Components are all UL recognized and meet the requirement of the specifications or the customers requirements. Components include panel switches, LED indicators, relays, power supplies, terminal blocks, logic boards, alarms and other various electronics. Wiring is rated to accommodate national and local codes.

Operational Features vary with the needs of the customer or specification. These may include,multiple door interlocking and interlock overrides, lamp testing, all door selective or group release, emergency release, power cut-off switching, satellite control or override, etc.

Innovative Detention System Engineers are available to assist in developing control systems packages, suitable for any security detention facility. Our staff has over 30 years of hands-on experience in the design, development and manufacture of control projects from public safety buildings and police stations to major county, state and federal facilites.

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